Thursday, 29 December 2011

Chrimboli Day...

Hey everyone  

I have to say, Christmas is my family's most favourite time of the year and this year really was awesome!

Nam and G spent Christmas Eve at our house with Ma and me and we had a Chinese - not very Christmas-ey but very tasty! G turned up with this hilariously tacky tie on, so I had to borrow it for a pic...

We also brought the presents up from Nam and G's that 'Santa had dropped off early' (lol) in my car - Stitch (yes I have named my car...doesn't everyone?!) looked so cute with the back all stuffed with presents...

Christmas morning saw me, Ma and Nam opening our presents in our lounge, ostensibly around our Christmas tree but Santa had spoilt us so much this year that we ended up having to overspill into the lounge :P

Here's me opening my presents; I may or may not have gotten a little over-excited and tried to wear all of my presents at once...

We spend each Christmas Day down at my Nam and G's house and this year was no exception. My Nam always makes a massive deal about Christmas and decorates everything! Here's some of the, in my opinion, best bits...
The amazing tree

 How prettily was the table decorated?

More presents - this time from the Tree (old family tradition that the Christmas Tree gives us all presents - odd, I know!)

I made this festive Rocky Road wreath too - om nom nom

Because our table was so full of decorations we had to have a second table for the food, lol

We spent the rest of Christmas Day just chilling out as a family which was really lovely. The bf came home from work to spend his Christmas with us which was awesome :)

How was your Christmas?
aHm xoxo

Saturday, 24 December 2011

It's Christmas!

Happy Christmas everyone!

I hope you have a wonderful few days, filled with lots of happiness, cheer and love :)

Monday, 19 December 2011

What've I been up to?

Hey everyone  

I thought I'd do a quick post about what I've been doing recently, so here we go;

As I mentioned in one of my recent posts I passed my driving test (still yay-ing about it!) so Daddy took me car shopping; we trekked around for 4 hours in the sleet and ended up going to buy the first one we saw - typical! Here's a picture of my baby car;
Isn't she adorabubble?!

As my first outing in my car I took Mama and Nam to a local garden centre to see the Christmas decorations they had and we stumbled across this cute automated nativity scene tucked away;
How cute?!
"Omg mum it's a CAMEL!" 

Following the 'first's in my new car, the bf and I went to town and he treated me to a Costa - lucky me :)

After some parking issues (a silly person decided to park literally an inch behind me, effectively trapping me in and making me do some pretty impressive manoeuvring to get out of the space - fail.) we went to visit the horses and had a walk around the lakes while we were there. Also, there may have been a slight snow ball fight going on!
It was so lovely to be wandering around in the cold, all bundled up, sipping hot chocolate (well, gingerbread latte in the case of the bf) with the one I love.

How do you like spending your winter days?
aHm xoxo

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Semester Reflection...

Hey everyone  

I saw a post like this from Carly on her fabulous blog and thought I'd do something similar: 

I finished my first semester at uni this last Friday - it's ridiculous to think that just three short months ago I was only just making a start on this new stage in my life. Although the adjustment to my new environment has been super hard (especially without my besties) but on reflection I can already see how it has improved me as a person - I've had to become more confident to talk to new people - something I've always struggled with in the past. I've had to get used to being in a learning environment with guys -  my school/college career before uni has just been with other girls, the transition was definitely eye-opening, let me tell you! I've had to get used to working in a 'proper' lab environment - it's so much different to school/college!

I'm so happy with how everything has gone for me this semester, here's some of the things I've been loving:
  • How completely different the fashion is at uni - at college it always felt like there was so much pressure on you to look perfectly put together, all the time - something I never really got the grip of , to say the least! But at uni, everyone just rocks up in whatever they like and no one gives them a second thought. I've seem people waltz in sweatpants, hoodies, wet hair and everyone just accepts it. Although I don't think I will ever feel comfortable enough around my classmates to turn up like that, I do admire that there is no bitchy-ness (at least that I hear anyway) or prissy-ness about what people look like.
  • How even though there is literally tons of work that I have constantly piled on my desk and my to-do list is forever growing - exhibit a)

I'm really enjoying seeing how hard work actually does pay off - I got 2.1's and 1st's in all of my quizzes, reports and tests this semester - happy Bel!! Getting the results I really wanted after hard work really does motivate me to carry on studying :)
  • My amazing new besties: I honestly don't think I could've got through this semester without them - I am super lucky to have found girls who are on my wavelength and accept me (and all my foibles!) Yorkshire, London & Cambridge (I'm Cheshire, if you were wondering!) - yes, these are there actually nicknames we use on a regular basis, s'all to do with the accents! I honestly don't know how I'm gonna make it through a whole month without them (they've all gone home for Christmas) - thank goodness for Skype :)
From right to left; this is me, Yorkshire & London - what can I say, we were bored in a lecture!
  • I love how I feel like I am completely accepted into uni life now - like I know the professors, where they serve the best coffee and the campus.  We went exploring the other day inbetween lectures and visited the clock tower, how pretty?!

What's your semester been like?
aHm xoxo

Friday, 9 December 2011

It's Officially Christmas...

Hey everyone  

Now that December is finally here and I'm a week into opening my advent calender Ma and I decided that it was about time to decorate the house (yay!). Every year we decide on a different colour scheme to have throughout the main area of the house - this year I am so happy because it's Lime Green -  my fave colour :) 

The first job was buying the tree - we haven't had a 'real' Christmas tree for a few years and Ma decided that this was the year to break tradition and go for a 'real' tree. We went to our local Farm Shop where they had a massive selection - to be honest I'm not much of a Christmas tree expert so all I was looking at was if it was too tall and if it shed it's pine needles - haha! I decided to leave choosing the actual shape of the tree to Ma - she did well and picked  a lovely shaped tree but the downside was that it was about 6ft tall; did I mention we had to take the tree home in a mini?! It was entertaining to say the least!


After struggling to a) get the tree into the car, b) getting it out of the car and c) into the house we could finally get into the exciting bit - decorating it! Unfortunately Ma is very particular when it comes to home decor so I was relegated to stringing all the new decorations - all 60 pieces of them - fun! 
So this is before....

And this is the finished product...

We also decorated around the fireplace...
Here's a little close-up of some of the decorations...
A Tiffany-esque Key ornament is definitely necessary!

And the stairs were looking a little bear (haha, you will get the joke in a min!) so we decided to put all my Harrods Christmas bears going up the stairs. I've received the the Harrods Christmas Bears every Christmas for the last 12 years so they have become a sort of tradition in our house :) Aren't they cute?!

Even my beloved piano was made a little more Christmassy...

I think my little dog, Daisy, got a tired after all that decorating!

I decided to change up my bag for uni in honour of advent...

In other news; this week I finally passed my driving test! It's taken me over a year to learn but then again I always knew that driving and I wouldn't mix well, haha! I'm so proud of myself for finally getting the confidence to prove that I can actually drive well enough to be let loose on the road, lol. Having passed my test means that this afternoon I get to go car shopping with Pa, I'm so excited but a little daunted at the prospect of having to choose something so momentous as a car - I mean I'm going to be using this thing every single day, it's not just like choosing a new bag or a new coat - it's a big deal! So, wish me luck!

Have you all decorated for Christmas already?
aHm xoxo
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