Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Hey everyone

It's finally time for the first MWIP of the summer- yay! I'm honestly so excited for just chilling now that my exams are over - double yay!

Last week after a (horrendous) exam I went with K, C & D to their last radio show this year. It was so cool to watch the show 'behind the scenes' - I can't wait to go watch next years shows :) D ended up making fun of me (not in a nasty way) for not wanting to talk on air so I'm building up my courage to go on air with them next year :)
Ma and I had a bit of a girly night in the garden on Saturday; prosecco, chocolate, m&m's and pineapple - yum! Love spending time with Ma :)

The bf came round on Friday but because I had to revise all day he decided to cook me brunch (my favourite meal) to see me through so sweet of him :)

He then decided to entertain himself with some of our garden games to prevent him from distracting me - he's such a kid at heart :)
Because it's the jubilee really soon Nam & G put up some flags and bunting - very patriotic :P
Whilst at Nam's for lunch on Sunday I took some pictures of the beautiful flowers in her garden - aren't they gorgeous?
Having finished my exams on Monday - I emptied out my uni bag - jeez I had so many odds & ends and general rubbish in there! Does anyone else find that they just collect bits and pieces through the semester and it just collates into a mess at the bottom of your bag?
I'm usually pretty OCD about how tidy my desk is but during the exams I just let it slide so it ended up being horrendously unorganised so the first thing I did when I got home after my last exam on Monday was have a major sort out of my desk and my room - I felt instantly so much better after it! Anyone else find that?

So this was me yesterday - my first official day of summer. The morning was spent in bed (I felt I deserved a lie in after all those endless days of revision!) and the afternoon was spent in the garden with Sophie (my ebook reader), a selection of gloriously trashy magazines and my tumblr - perfect :)

Hope you all had a fun week :) How do you like to spend your summer days?

aHm xoxo


Friday, 25 May 2012

High Five for Friday...

Hey everyone

I'm linking up with Lauren @FromMyGreyDesk for the first time this week to share my yays from today :)

High five for... It being the start of the weekend - yay!

High five for... Revising outside in this fabulous weather - despite making it more difficult due to all the distractions

High five for... The bf and I putting up the badminton net where it will stay all summer. We love playing some badminton most days through the summer :)

High five for... Finally getting into Pretty Little Liars ( I know, it's crazy that it's taken me this long!) I downloaded the first few episodes to keep me entertained whilst revising and now I am hooked on it! I've downloaded the rest of the first series and I can't wait to watch them when I'm done with my exams

High five for... Inside jokes with your friends. This happened during a lecture earlier on in the semester whe G was taking the mick out of K for the way she said my name - I can't believe that G, C & K will be going home next week :(

Hope you're having a great Friday, what are your high fives for today?

aHm xoxo

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Yay for warm weather...

...Boo for having to stay inside to revise :(

Warm summery weather has finally graced England (not before time) and this is the view that is torturing me whilst I revise :( only one more exam; I can do this (good thoughts much appreciated)! Let's hope it continues until september (but I don't want to speak too soon!) :)

Hope you're all having a lovely time, enjoying the sun wherever you are :)

aHm xoxo

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Hey everyone

It's MWIP time again - I'm in the middle if my exams right now; as of when this is posted I will only have one more exam to go - so yay for that! Here we go;

So you may recall seeing something similar to this in another one of my posts - well I loved my pink one so much that I picked up this blue one too! You can never have too many tumblers and for that price it would've been silly to say no, right? I think one of my summer craft projects is going to be customising these in someway - most probably with my monogram and some sticky back plastic though if you have any ideas then be sure to leave a comment and let me know - I'll be sure to let y'all know how it goes :)
I just couldn't pass up some board shorts in this awesome print. The pink is literally so bright - perfect for summer. Side note: yay for the lovely warm and sunny weather the UK is experiencing right now - better late than never!
I have to remember this ridiculous diagram for my human phys exam this afternoon - crazy complicated!

My lovely Nam washed and ironed my lab coat for me ready to store over the summer. And she was sweet enough to wash and iron my JW bag that I use for my lab coat too :)
Please ignore my face and focus on the diddy cute curl just in front of my ear - blesh it :)
I honestly don't know what came over me when I was shopping the other day with Ma. I think I was channeling Lemon from Hart of Dixie when I bought this lemon summer dress. It's so cute and gonna look awesome in the summer - lets hope I actually wear it (I'm not really a dresses girl but I'm trying to change that).

After the bf persuading me to have the day off last Friday by bribing me with shopping and lunch out I ended up having to compensate and had to cover 16 lectures in a day :( on the plus side I did crack a new personal best by cutting down my time per lecture to half an hour - so it only took me 8 hours. Mind you 8 hours of solid revision was still horrifical.

I'm loving the colour of this shirt on me - didn't realise I was such a big fan of lavender - good to know for future ref.

I ended up having quite a bad argument with the bf this weekend over something that I was probably blowing all out of proportion but heyho and he bought me some of my fave American candy to cheer me up. Things are still rocky with us but I'm putting it down to stresses of exams and him finishing college so fingers-crossed we sort it out soon.

My delightful revision: the ominous ending to this case study made me chuckle. I love using medically words - makes me feel so clever. Total mind-fudge of reading 'yellow' in orange pen. Oh how I love my course - having to learn of the mechanism of vomiting and diarrhoea (side note: part of my revision required me learning the ability of how to diagnose based on the colour of a patients vomit - awesome right?! #not)

I felt that this was a tumblr worthy pic of my bags - I swear I take so much stuff with me; these two were just because I was going to uni for my exam (hence the longchamp) and then into town after for some shopping (hence the Louis) - ridiculous.

Hope you all had an awesome week and are enjoying summer if you've already finished - lucky you!

aHm xoxo


Saturday, 19 May 2012


Hey everyone,

Just thought I'd share my NOTD with you - I'm not really a fan of glitter but I'm really liking the whole ring finger glitter trend at the moment :)
I used OPI's My Pointe Exactly (sheer pastle-y grey) & Pirouette My Whistle (crazy silver glitter)
Apologies for the horrendous state my nails are in - its exam time and the first thing that goes are my nails.
What're you're fave nail polishes at the moment?

aHm xoxo

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Hey everyone

Apologies for the lateness of this post and my absence from my blog this week - my exams officially started on Monday and I've had two this week (surprisingly they both went pretty well - yay!) and I'm gonna be absent for another couple of weeks until they're over :( but I promise I will be back soon - I'm not abandoning this blog forever - fear not!

Anyways here are my pictures from this week :)

My breakfast on the ay of my first exam: pancakes, Hershey's chocolate syrup & pineapple - yum!

I don't know if you can see in the two pictures above but the weather has been horrendous recently. As in it's been raining practically every day recently and the temperatures are back down into low double figures (centigrade obvs) so it feels a lot more like winter than spring :( It's driving me crazy - I just can't wait for summer now!

Variations of this outfit are what I've been wearing for the last week because I've been hardcore revising and I have to be comfy when studying. Seriously these JW yoga pants/ thin sweatpants things (apologies I don't know what they're called) are soon incredibly comfy! Side note: you don't want to know how much I was wishing for warm weather so I could wear my norts this week - no such luck; the universe is obviously against me :P

I found this iPhone case online, how cute is it?! I'm a massive fan of gummi bears so I fell in love straight away - now I just need an iPhone to have the excuse to buy it!

Ma was sweet enough last week to bring me an ice-cream home with her to spur me on with my revision :)

I will admit I almost had a little breakdown when I saw fb was down on my iPad - I think I have a fb addiction problem.

I was sitting in the dining room (where I revise to avoid the distractions in my room) and I looked out of the window to see these little guys - I think they got a bit lost from the lake at the top of my road and had wandered down to my house. They hung around for about 15 minutes (providing a great distraction from revision for me!) before toddling off through the hedge - so cute!

I couldn't resist sharing this pic of Dai with you - she may be an old lady now but she is still so photogenic (in my humble opinion anyway but then again I am a tad biased)

Ma and I decided to celebrate the start of my exams with a curry and Buck's Fizz - yum! Perfect end to a stressful day :)

Revision hair - all that is holding this up is one bobby pin - yes my hair is ridiculous, I know.

The bf and I were in our way back from a meal we had at his college's restaurant (he wasn't working there that night so he decided that he wanted to be the customer for once!) when we encountered this road block - this is what you get for living in the country - gotta love it! :)

Hope you all had a great week and if you're in exam (or finals) season then good luck and try not to stress too much :) Until next time;

aHm xoxo

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Norts - Finally....

Hey everyone

First off - yay me for unplanned posting on day 6 of daily posts! I wasn't going to blog today but I couldn't resist sharing this with y'all....(am I too English to say that? I don't know, it just seemed like the perfect inclusive word to use!)

I've been seeing norts all over blogs and tumblr for a while now so I thought it was time that I invested in some. (We'll just overlook the fact that I'm probably only going to be able to wear them for approx. three weeks in the summer if this ridiculously cold/rainy English weather continues... I digress -)

So today I decided was the day to start my norts collection; I started my search on the Nike website and after looking on tumblr and seeing all the pretty bright coloured norts available in America to say that I was disappointed to see that the UK site only stocked some boring colours like red/grey/black (maybe they did stock prettier colours and I just didn't find them, I don't know - either way it was a let down!)

Then I had a brainwave - I remembered seeing a Nike factory outlet store in an outlet mall near me so Ma and I tootled off there stat. Now I have to say that this was probably my first time going into a sports shop with the intention of buying something for myself (I'm not a sports fan to say the least!) so I was feeling pretty apprehensive. Anyways, we made a beeline for the women's section and behold was a display of norts - and pretty coloured ones too! Okay, so there were only about 12 different colour choices but that was plenty for me! Ma and I had a hard time choose which colours to get to be honest - coral, bright yellow, pink, royal blue, pale blue?! Decisions decisions.

Long story short I ended up buying three pairs - addicted already.

My norts collection went from 0 to 3 in just one shopping trip :)

Ma persuaded me to buy these bright pink ones because she loves pink so she can borrow them if she wants - I'm quite partial to hot pink anyways, they'll look nice for summer because they're so bright :) These were only £16 - already a bargain because I was expecting to have to pay around £20 for norts!

I'm a sucker for blue and I don't know what it is about this slight pattern that makes me love these. Plus I wear an infinite about of grey and white so these will be easy to pair things with :) plus point - these were even more reduced! I got to the till and they ended up being only £11.20 - super bargain!

Ma again (she's such a bad shopping influence!) was browsing the clearance rack while I tired the others on and spotted these. I know I said I didn't really want boring black ones earlier but these have two shades of blue on them too so they are still a bit colourful. But the best part and the deciding factor of why I overindulged and bought three pairs? They were only £4 - yep you read that right; what an awesome bargain!!

I've finally found a perk to living in the UK when it comes to wanting American fashion - norts aren't such a big deal over here as they are over there henceforth awesome reductions - win!

So now I have these fabulous norts any tips on how to style them? Are you a fan of norts?

aHm xoxo

P.S - my apologies if I'm not around the blogosphere next week - my exams officially start on Monday - boo :( but I will return shortly because I have a few days off after this weeks 2 exams before my next couple :) thanks for understanding :)

Friday, 11 May 2012

Nails & Revision...

Hey everyone

I'm not really writing this post with anything particular in mind, I just wanted to post because I just realised that unknowingly I had posted Monday through Thursdays this week - yay, well done me! So I couldn't resist posting today to make it a whole week (well school week at least!) with a post every day!

R-L: Tropical Sun (orange/peachy gold) & Indian Ocean (baby blue lilac)

I saw that Chyaz had blogged about the models own 'beetle juice' nail polishes and I fell in love with them - they are the most beautiful duo chrome's out there (well in my opinion anyways!). I went on the site with the intention of just buying Indian Ocean because that's one of the ones that Chyaz had reviewed; but it's 3 for £3 off on the models own site so I couldn't resist getting another couple.

I don't really own a orange colour apart from my neon Nails inc. one and I saw Fleur post about Tropical Summer and loved her pictures of it so that went in the cart.

And then I saw Golden Green and it reminded me so much of Chanel's Peridot that I had to get it because there was no way that I could justify paying so much for such an usual colour but the models own is a great cheaper alternative :)

Whilst casually browsing the models own site I stumbled across this colour - 'Prussian blue' and I think fate is telling me that I have to buy this colour because I was revising medlab all day and one of the stains I have to learn is Perls Prussian Blue which stains iron deposits in haemachromatosis (apologies for the sciencey bit :P) so in theory I could say that this colour may even help my revision - haha I wish! It's a beautiful colour none the less and one that will probably be part of my collection before summer is out :)

Prussian blue - a pretty purpley blue :)

Evidence of my medlab revision all day - as you can see I've got quite a lot to do before Monday. I quite like this module though so it's not too much hardship :) Is it just me who sometimes finds revision not too terrible as long as its for a subject I enjoy?

Are there any fun nail polish finds that you've discovered recently?

aHm xoxo


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