Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Top 5 Tuesday: January Favourites

Hey everyone  

First off can I apologise in advance if the posts for the next week or so aren't formatted as they usually are - it's because my laptop is still at the laptop hospital so I am having to use my ancient laptop which lets just say is a little technically challenged!

Anyway, today I'm linking up with Rachel @ Just Peachy for Top 5 Tuesday

Here are my January Favourites... (is it just me or has January really flown by?!) 
1. Converse: I've wanted to get a new pair of converse for a while now because my beautiful sparkly pair that I had for my 16th birthday party had gotten really run down and worn out, so when I was in Manchester with Pa I went to get the simple black ones for everyday and ended up coming out of the shop with these amazingly awesome bright green ones to - my justification was that I could use them to spice up a neutral (read boring) outfit but really I think I was just in love with the colour - I mean, how cute will they be in the spring?!

2. Reading: One of my unwritten goals for this year is to keep up with my reading and English because I found that last semester I really missed studying English (I did English literally every year of schooling I've had, I never dropped it even when I had the chance!) and reading amazing pieces of literature - I still read just normal modern novels but I wanted to start reading some literary classics, so I decided that my first read was going to be The Great Gatsby - oh my lord it was amazing! Seriously, if you haven't already, go read it - there's a good reason it's a classic! Because it's only short it only took me a couple of days to read (I was reading it during my free's in uni) I've now moved on to Gone With the Wind which is considerably more lengthy! - and I'm loving it so far :)

3. Oreo's & Peanut Butter: Parent Trap flashback anyone? I have been loving this snack recently - naughty I know but perfect after a hard day of lectures and labs :)

4. Make Up Tuesdays: There is a lady that comes into my uni on a Tuesday with a stall full of amazingly discounted high-end make up products (total heaven, right?!) so my friends and I decided that every other Tuesday (we are students after all) we are going to go to this stall and treat ourselves to some make up. Today I picked up Benefit's Porefessional for just £15 (yes, you did read that right!) when it actually retails at £24.40 - bargain! Next on my list: a MAC Mineralised Skin Finish (Have any of you tried them? Are they as good as they look?) Gotta love Make Up Tuesdays!

5.Gossip Girl: I've finally caught up with the first four series of GG on DVD from my birthday and Christmas so I can no watch GG as it airs in the UK for the first time - last night was the first episode of series 5 and it was awesome! (side note; if anyone wants to throw me a Tiffany themed party then please feel free to go right ahead!)

fyi - it took me 2 hourse (!!!) to write this post, that's how slow this laptop is!
aHm xoxo

Loved Telling This Bad Date Story...

Hey everyone 

I'm linking up for the Valentines Challenge again today and today I'm going to be sharing a Bad Date Story...

So I think I've been pretty lucky because I don't really have a mahussive selection of bad dates to choose from; the only date that I could really classify as 'bad' was the one of the first few dates I went on with the bf - it was a group date with my best friend, cRh (at the time), her bf and a couple of the besties. Safe to say it was extremely awkward with the cRh showing off at every opportunity and trying to make fun of me (she was trying to be all confident I think but she just ended up looking and sounding like a child). Tragically my first kiss occurred on this date and fulfilled all of the classics - it took place in the cinema and was sufficiently awkward (read bumping noses, trapped hands between the arm rests and uncomfortable hugging position). The worst date didn't end there though, cRh's mum was giving me a lift home (obviously I didn't drive then!) and all the way cRh was joking that I didn't even know what the film was about because I hadn't even watched it, etc. All very immature, I know, but at the time I was so easily embarrassed that it almost put me off going out with the bf again.

Looking back it was a bad date but not because of what happened between me and the guy I was on the date with - it was my best friends' fault that the date turned awkward. All in all, what I have taken away from this experience was the fact that you shouldn't let other people take part in your relationship or influence it - that date was between me and my bf so we were the only people that mattered - and we laughed about it afterwards anyway!

What was your worst date experience?
aHm xoxo

Monday, 30 January 2012

Loved This Date....

Hey everyone  

So this is my first day of linking up for the Valentines Challenge and it's going to be about my Best Date Ever...

So, I've been with the bf for nearly four years now (crazy stuff!) so we've been on our fair share of dates. To be perfectly honest, our 'perfect dates' are always really simple - like we'd choose staying in and having a movie date over going out to a pub/club or something. 

A couple of years ago we started making a list of twelve things we wanted to do as dates, one for every month and it's sort of become a tradition for us now :)  

This is the first list we made together 

Admittedly we never really get around to completely all of the list but I think it's just a good thing to have a list of fun things to pick from for a date.

Anyway, now that I've finished getting side-tracked (my apologies) on to my best date ever:

The date that sticks out in my mind as the best one ever is when the bf took me out for a meal last year for our three year anniversary (of our bf/gf status obviously not marriage!). We just went to a local restaurant - nothing too special on the surface. But, he was the one that remembered that it was our anniversary and he planned for us to go out - it was just really sweet of him :) Because I am silly I didn't take any pictures of the night which annoys me greatly so I can only think back on it with fondness and assure that it really was my perfect date ever. It was about grand gestures of affection - it was about sweet thoughts of organisation on his part, good food and ambience &  (to complete this cheese fest :P) just spending quality on-on-one time with one I love despite crazy schedules and geographical constraints.  

What was/would be your perfect date?
aHm xoxo

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

My apologies...

Hey everyone 

I am so so sorry I don't know when I am going to be able to post again :( unfortunately my laptop decided to die (just when I needed to finish a lab report - gee thanks laptop gods :P) so at the minute I am typing this from my iPod which quite frankly isn't going well. So all I can do is promise that as soon as I get my laptop back I will resume my regular posting :)

Sorry again :( In the meantime I hope you are all well :)

Until next time (hopefully sooner rather than later!)

aHm xoxo

Saturday, 21 January 2012


Hey everyone  

I have finally finished my exams - woop! Admittedly I only had three but they all contributed 75% to my overall module marks - scary stuff! I just feel like I spent so much time preparing and revising for them that it's been a long haul - that just cumulated in these last three days.

Anyways, I'm spending this weekend chilling out and just having some 'me' time.

Yesterday afternoon I drove Ma, Nam & I to the cinema to go and see Warhorse. I usually hate war films but because this revolved around a horse I really wanted to go and see it. It was an amazing film - so compelling and engaging - by engaging I mean I was literally sobbing my heart out at one point and hiding behind my scarf for at least 10 minutes at one point. The film made me so proud to have horses myself and to have a bond with them like in Warhorse - obviously not to the same degree of course but just a smidgen of it. I digress, my apologies - in my opinion Warhorse is a must see - it may even end up being one of the best films I see in 2012 (yes, yes, I know it's only January but even so, it was that good) but having said that, I don't think I could watch it again in a hurry - it was just too upsetting. You should watch it - I'd love to hear someone else's opinion about it :)

Last night, the bf had the night off work and we were planning on going out for a quiet meal somewhere local but I was so emotionally drained after the exams and Warhorse so we stayed in and ordered takeout instead - we discovered out fave takeout place had recently got an 'order online' facility so we did that - I may or may not have got a little overexcited about it :S

I plan on spending the rest of today having a Duvet Day in my onesie and reading - probably going to start either Looking for Alaska or The Great Gatsby - yay!

I will hopefully *fingers crossed* be participating in The Valentines Challenge from Neely, Amber and Casey (read about it here) so you can expect some frequent blogging from me :) Are any of you taking part too?

Hope you all have an awesome weekend :)
aHm xoxo

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

My Week In Pictures...

Hey everyone 

It's Wednesday again which means it's time for my 'MWIP' post - yay :) 

When I was going through and re-writing my notes I discovered that I apparently like to doodle a lot :S

I'm loving my new 'Hug-a-Mug' - Isn't it so cute!

I was having a good hair day #andwhat

Spending the afternoons reading - lovely!

I've received the fourth series of GG for Christmas and I've been limiting my watching to one episode a night as a reward for spending the day revising - it's definitely my guilty pleasure

I have become legit obsessed with TinyTower on my iTouch - I now have 20 floors; feel free to be impressed, lol.

I've finally cracked how to draw alpha helices after 3 years - just in time for my exam!

The first Raspberry Iced Tea of the year. It's acceptable to go back to Summer drinks now that the Winter specials have disappeared from the coffee boards now, right?

Costa catch up with the vintage bestie, S. Yes, the large coffee cup was a big as her face!  

I have decidedly too many soft toys for a girl of my age - brought to my attention when my toy net fell down :(

The feeling of completing a mahussive to-do list never fails to make me happy :)

I've finally finished all of my revision, ready for my exams this week - ahead of schedule too - yay!

Hope you all had a good week :)
aHm xoxo

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My First Tag...

Hey everyone 

I was tagged over at Prep International and can I just say I may or may not have got a teensy bit over-excited when I saw that I'd been tagged for the first time! So thank you :)

So, here goes:

The Rules
1. You must post the rules.
2. Post eleven fun facts about yourself on the blog post. 
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you've been tagged.
4. Tag eleven people and link them in your post.
5. Let them know you've tagged them!!

Okay, 'you must post the rules' - check!

Here are my Eleven Fun Facts - I can't promise they will be 'fun' but they are definitely facts!
1. I am legit obsessed with American snacks/candy - seriously I see anything like Hershey's or Jolly Ranchers or Flipz in a supermarket or shop near me I have to get them!
2. I used to be really awful at remembering to take pictures but now I am trying to make a conscious effort to whack out my camera/ipod/phone and snap a pic - to assist my probably failing memories when I'm old :P
3. I actually love studying and learning - I'm naturally very inquisitive and have to know the in's-and-outs of everything! The bf and Ma always cringe when I say my little catchphrase - 'did you know...' - as I bestow unto them an interesting little nugget of information :)
4. I have two horses and so horse ride as much as I can (or rather as much as my uni schedule will allow) and I'm in the process of teaching myself how to drive a horse and carriage.
5. I hate exercising with other people. I refuse to go to a gym. Instead Ma and I go to a really cute quiet hotel to use their pool and we bought a cycling machine for our garage. 
6. I am really starting to get into classical music/opera - I've played classical music on the piano for aeons now but I've recently starting to listen to it. This sudden interest may have been piqued by Il Volo - how cute are they?!
7. I may be slightly in love with the idea of  transforming myself into an American Prep/English Sloane Ranger - ideally anyway, for now I will be content with incorporating just some prep into my daily life.
8. I wish that I could have done Stage Managing as a career - I Stage Managed all 3 of my school's musicals and I absolutely loved the experience!
9. After a whole 18 months I finally got my driving license - let's just say I'm not a 'natural driver'
10. My fave disney character ever is Stitch - I may or may not have asked and received a huuge Stitch toy for Valentine's last year from the bf :)
11. I love words. Reading, writing, listening - I think words are so powerful and can be moulded so cleverly into works of art - theatre, lyrics, poetry, prose. And yeah, I kinda always use too many when I'm writing (just look at these 11 fun facts for evidence!)

So, now finally I answer these questions...
1. Name five clothing items you cannot live without?
  • JW infinity scarf
  • Vans
  • Uni hoodie
  • Fluffy socks (I live in England okay - it's freezing, give me a break!)
  • Jeans
2. Are you named after anyone?
Well, sorta. My mum and dad were flicking through Hello Magazine the day before I was born and they saw an interview with Annabel Croft (tennis player) so they got my name from there.

3. How tall are you?
5'3 - yep tiny, bane of my life.

4. How many languages do you speak?
English - obvs -, I did French and Spanish at GCSE so I can get along when I go over there and I learnt Italian for 3 months last year - can't say that I actually retained much from that experience but it does help a little when I go to Italian restaurants :P

5. Who was the last person you hugged?
The bf

6. What three questions do you wish you knew the answers to?
  • How did the world originate? - creationism v. evolution sorted once and for all
  • What's the cure for cancer?
  • How did the brain become so clever? 
Haha reading these you can so tell I'm a scientist!

7. How did you come up with your blog title?
Well, as I said in my fun facts (just checking you read them :P) I love the whole Southern Preppy world so my names Annabel, my nickname is Belle it all sort of tied together. And this blog is just really about me and my little bubble so 'the life and times' but just came naturally.

8. What is your favorite sport?
Horse Riding - no question.

9. What do you order at Starbucks?
Seeing as I frequent Costa Coffee more (as there's no Starbucks in my town) I usually get either a Hot Chocolate with whipped cream (and a shot of mint if they have it) or a Sweetened Raspberry Iced Tea with a slice of lemon - yum :)

10. When was the last time you tried something new?
Errrm, this is terrible, I honestly can't remember! Note to self - be more spontaneous!

11.  Do you prefer pens or pencils?
Pens- I need colour in my life!

Then I tell you my questions...

1. What's you all time fave song?
2. How do you spend your 'me' day?
3. Do you still have that one special cuddly toy from your childhood?
4. What's, in your eyes, your biggest achievement?
5. Who's your celebrity role model?
6. All time fave book?
7. Are you a musicals fan?
8. Sweet or savoury?
9. What was your most memorable holiday/vacation?
10. Do you have a silly/unusual nickname?
11. If you could move to one place in the whole world (money/job/etc. no object) where would it be?

Then I tag you guys...

11.ATexasGirlInPearls and anyone else who wishes to be :)

Apologies for the mahussive post - what can I say; I got a tad carried away!
aHm xoxo

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

My Week in Pictures...

Hey everyone 

It's Wednesday which means it's time for my 'MWIP' post - woop :) I took so many pictures this week so it's been tough trying to decide which ones make it into this post.

I got my new bed!! So exciting, even though I did have to put it together myself and it's a guest bed so basically haad to put two beds together but heyho I still love it. It looks so cute and preppy with the pink and navy too <3

This piece of music has been torturing me all week! I absolutely love how it sounds but I just cannot for the life of me get it to sound how I want it to. I mean I can play it and it sounds like it should but it's not seamless yet - even more practice needed, oh well at least it will be great for a study break :)
I love getting belated Christmas presents - especially if they involve chocolate - yum!

This week I went to back to College for the presentation evening to pick up my A-Level certificates, and turns out 'd been nominated by my English teachers to win the prize for my English course - win!

Sleepovers with the bf before he had to go back to college :(

Midnight feasts at said sleepovers #omnomnom

The bf hiding behind laptrays as we cooking dinner

Found the most amazing candy shop that had just opened in town - american sweets cravings satisfied :)

Lickle Daisy Dog schnuggling with the bf's scarf - too cute!

The first light of my first Yankee Candle :)

Dinner time - the fruit balances out the chocolate, right?!

Revision, revision and more revsion! Roll next week (omg my exams are next week - that sure came around fast!) when my exams are over and I can party - ahem I mean study -  with the uni girls again :)

I hope you all enjoyed your weeks as much as I did :)

aHm xoxo

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Top 5 Tuesday: School Supplies

Hey everyone  
Today I'm linking up with Rachel @ Just Peachy for Top 5 Tuesday

I love buying stationery - that annual shopping trip to the office supplies store is probably my fave shopping trip of every year. I love just browsing the aisles and picking out stuff that is just the right balance between cuteness and practicality :) Does anyone else look forward to school supply shopping as much as I do?

So, here are my fave school supplies;

1. Pencil cases - this year I was so determined to only use one pencil case for uni (in high school I was a definite two pencil case kinda girl - one was never enough) but then I saw these two and I just could not choose between them - they are pink and green! -, so I got both - one for coloured pens and one for normal pens/pencils/ruler/etc. - I know, I'm obsessed.

2. Sticky notes - I seriously use these all the time! They are awesome for bookmarking pages in a text book, making little notes on in my planner - plus they come in amazingly bright colours - win!

3. Staedtler pens - these are my favourite pens to use when I'm revising - they make re-writing my notes so much easier because they're in pretty colours! 

As you can see I am slightly OCD about colour coordinating my stationery :S

4. Pretty notebooks - Now this one makes me seem a little crazy - I love buying pretty notebooks but I can never bring myself to use them because I think they're just to nice to use - instead I just store them in a special folder which makes me guilty every time I look at it because it seems like such a waste of money but somehow I just can't stop myself from buying them.

5. Planners - the one on the left (from WH Smiths) if the one I use as a standard planner for uni and my free time and the one on the right (from Paperchase - they always have the cutest things!) is the one in which I write down all my to-do lists for uni work - boring but at least the pretty felt cover distracts me, lol.

aHm xoxo

New Bag Opportunity...

Hey everyone  

So, today on my revision break I decided to drive to my local TK Maxx to see if they had got rid of all their Christmas stock and brought back their make up stock - sadly they hadn't :( but I managed to console myself by browsing the bag section and ending up stumbling across the cutest bag ever

I've been looking for a new bag for a little while now because the lining of my ultimate fave winter bag from River Island decided to tear - I think it's because I used it for college for a while and my folders tore the inside, because normally RI bags are really good quality :S Anyways, so I saw this little treasure sat on the floor hidden underneath a million others and as soon as I picked it up I was like "I have to have this!" Then I looked at the price - expecting the worst - and saw that it was only £70 - now this still is quite expensive, I know, but when I say that it's RRP was actually £200 I feel like my purchase is completely justified :)

How pretty is it?! I am actually in love with it - the gorgeous royal blue colour, the softness of the leather, everything!
Also, how cute is this lock and key charm?! I'm a sucker for anything with a key on it so; added bonus!
Even the lining is pretty! - Okay, now I know I have completely lost it because I am obsessing over the lining of a bag #getoveritBelle

And with the purchase of a new bag, I felt comes the opportunity for a 'What's in my bag post'; 

Top row L-R: River Island purse, random coin purse; mini monkey toy from the bf
Middle row L-R: Mobile (Almost dead Nokia C3); Lacoste sunnies; hair tie & bobby pin; nail file; key to bf's house; sticky notes (addict); mechanical pencil; animal-print pen
Bottom row L-R: Duckie headphones; iTouch & JW case; mirror, FatLip lip block; JW mini pouch; anti-bacterial hand gel; Soap & Glory hand food (literally the most amazing smelling hand cream ever!); Jolly Rancher fruit chews (new fave!)

Until next time :)
aHm xoxo

Monday, 9 January 2012

Yankee Candle Virginity...

Hey everyone  

So, this week I went to the local outlet mall with Ma and came across a  shop that had mahussive selection of Yankee Candles - win! I've been thinking about purchasing a Yankee Candle for myself for ages now, but I just never got around to it, but then the bf gave Ma the French Lavender large candle for Christmas and I am just obsessed with how awesome it looks on her vanity in her room, so I just had to get one for myself!

So anyway, I stood in front of this very extensive selection of Yankee Candles in complete awe and having absolutely no idea of where to begin. Cutting a long story short, I spent a fair while browsing through many different scents and came to the conclusion that I'm not a big fan of spicy or overly floral scents. 

Armed with this new knowledge I went for just picking out candles which I thought had pretty appealing names and heres what I ended up with;

 “So real you can almost hear sleigh bells...the tingle of a frosty breeze blowing through icy pines.”
I was honestly drawn to this one a) because it was on sale (woop!) and b) because I wanted a wintery scent but one that wasn't too Christmassy and this is perfect!

 “An intoxicating and masculine blend of musk, patchouli, sage and mahogany cologne.”
As soon as I smelled this I knew I had to have it - it's my perfect dark, smoldering scent that has so many different layers to it - definite favourite!

“A cool and calm stroll by the river...watery green notes with hints of sage, amber and oak.”
This one is going to be perfect for those stressful days, the scent is so strongly realistic that if you close your eyes you really could be next to a river! - a great scent to bring in spring!

Have any of you tried Yankee Candles? If so, what are your fave scents?
aHm xoxo
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