Friday, 31 August 2012

Book Club Friday: Gone With The Wind......

Hey everyone

Thanks to Blonde...Undercover Blonde for this link up :)

 This week I'm sharing - Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell

Synopsis (via Goodreads
Set against the dramatic backdrop of the American Civil War, Margaret Mitchell's epic love story is an unforgettable tale of love and loss, of a nation mortally divided and its people forever changed. At the heart of all this chaos is the story of beautiful, ruthless Scarlett 'O' Hara and the dashing soldier of fortune, Rhett Butler.

My Thoughts
This book has been on my reading list since about May last year (I know, it's taken me a long time to get around to it!) when we watched the movie (not that this book was actually on our course - we were reading 'A Streetcar Named Desire' and we were doing 'reasearch' into the Southern Belle theme - basically we wanted to watch a movie and this one sorta fit with what we were meant to be doing :P). In my opinion the books will always be better than the movie so I knew I had to read this book (especially when I found the film to not have enough depth for me - I like to know everything there is to possibly know :P). I got this book for Christmas but decided to put off reading it until summer because of its hefty size! 

It has taken me about two and a half weeks to read this book (whilst reading other books too!) so a pretty long time - but I'm so glad I made the effort to read it! I loved learning more about the history of the American Civil War plus the changing ideas and attitudes towards the Southern Belle as a result of the Civil War. 

Admittedly the first couple of hundred pages were pretty hard going - it took me a while to get into the story but once I got past that, got cemented into the era and knew all the characters I was completely hooked! The plot moved quick enough for me not to get bored but also had enough detail and info so that I could follow what was going on. 

I loved the character of Scarlett from the very beginning - despite all her failings (her selfishness, temper, greed, etc.) because deep down I knew that she would have a revelation - when that eventually occurred I was so gutted that it was too late! Rhett has to be my fave character though - I just love everything about him - his humour, his gentleman-ness, and especially how he cared for his daughter.

I'm not gonna lie this book was only the third in my life that made me cry (the others being Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows & Before I Die) - I literally spent the last two hundred pages sobbing! The only thing I have to say that I was disappointed with was the fact that the ending definitely wasn't how I wanted it to be - but then again I suppose that's what makes it such a good book - how that in real life not everything turns out like in a fairytale - a good lesson I suppose.

Last thought? Don't be put off by this books length (I waited 1000 pages to read the words 'Frankly my dear I don't give a damn' - and even then there was no frankly involved #gutted!) it is definitely worth it!

#TeamRhett :P

Would you read this book? 
aHm xoxo

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Lilly Sale (I Wish)!...

Hey everyone

I decided to torture myself by looking at the Lilly ESS (boy do I wish I hadn't!) and subsequently mentally spent most of the money in my bank account thus making me both thank and curse the fact that Lilly doesn't ship/isn't available/isn't heard of here in England. Anyways - if I did live in America and could shop the Lilly sale (and obviously had an bottomless bank account :P) here's what I'd have bought...

Murfee Scarf in Resort White Hanker For An Anchor Bigger Burnout
I don't actually own a white scarf and I love the subtle anchors on this one 

Resort Chic Wedge Critter in True Navy Anchors Away
Wedges AND navy AND anchors? I'm sold!

Garden Bag and Shovel in Resort White Mini Gardens By The Sea
Ma and Nam are both keen gardeners so would love this :)

Shift Pillow in Bright Navy Bellina Access
Errr it's a shift dress pillow - I just cant...too cute!

Picture Perfect Espadrille Polka in Hotty Pink Picture Perfect Polka
They're pink and green and polka dotty - how could anyone resist?

Treena Dress in Multi You Gotta Regatta
I love maxis, I love this print - it'd be a no-brainer for me to buy this!

Quinn Dress in Resort White Let It Rip Embroidery
I love how this looks like a skirt and top but is actually a dress - so easy to wear!. And I'm love the little sail boats! and anchors! Plus pockets - too awesome!

Gale Tank Printed in Bright Navy Hey Sailor
I love how simple this tank is but the print makes it so pretty and would make a really easy outfit :)

Whitney Pant in Shorely Blue Light My Fire
I adore this print and the colours are so summery - plus the cuffing ability of the trousers would make them perfect for the chilly English summer :)

Callahan Short in Resort White Let It Rip Embroidery
I've heard people rave about these shorts so they'd be a must because I really want to try them out - plus the little sailboats and anchors are back again - so preppy and nautical and awesome!

Well, I now I really really wish Lilly shipped to the UK - so much awesomeness (and great reductions!)! Did you like my picks? Did you manage to get any of them or anything from the Lilly ESS? Share in the comments - I'd love to vicariously live the sale through you guys!
aHm xoxo

Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Hey everyone

It's MWIP time again :)

Side note: I have to say I'm not liking how the weather has changed this week - there's a definite chill in the air that tells me Autumn will soon be on it's way - I'm really not ready to let go of summer yet :(

I drove Ma and Nam to John Lewis (a high-ish-end department store) and found another tumbler to add to my collection - I think I may be getting quite obsessed with these now #sorryimnotsorry
Side note: on the way home I realised Stitch (my car) was sounding a bit funny but I didn't really think anything of it - I just carried on until I got home - when I got out the car I realised I had a completely flat tyre - it was so stressful! Just thinking I could have crashed the car or anything really got me upset and re-thinking my decision to drive :S I had absolutely no idea where to start changing the tyre I was so upset so I rang the RAC and a lovely man came and changed the tyre for me. But this trauma wasn't over yet - I had to go to the garage the day after to buy a new spare tyre - turns out I had to have 2 new tyres which cost an absolute arm and a leg! And to top it off I will need a final new tyre before winter - gotta love owning a car #biggirlprobs 

This weeks nail polish was 'The Serpentine' from Nails Inc.- I was feeling a darker colour considering the chilly weather #gettingreadyforfall. I'd forgotten just how much I loved the formulation of this brand of nail polish; seriously two coats of this lasted 5 days without chipping! #crazy

These rice yoghurts are one of my fave snacks - so yummy!
Side note: Funny fact about moi - I can't stand using a metal spoon for yoghurt - it has to be plastic #odd

Tuesday night saw me multitasking - blogging whilst watching a movie (Postgrad - not gonna lie I didn't really think much of the film #sorryimnotsorry)

I love relaxing mornings - breakfasting outside whilst reading :)

Still loving hummus and apple as a snack :)

I decided to see if my cooking skills had improved by baking a chocolate cake :) My fave part about baking has always been licking the leftover mixture in the bowl - anyone else do this? Also thank goodness for Betty Crocker - this fudge icing is so easy and is so yummy!

I think it turned out pretty well - it tasted nice at the very least :P

Ma decided that she wanted a picture to put in this frame so she decided to use one of my shots of New Brighton beach - I can't believe she actually thought it was good enough to frame :D I really like how it looks - it matches the colour scheme of the lounge perfectly :)

My Great Uncle is a pretty awesome artist and we have three paintings that he did especially for Ma and I so we decided to showcase them on the wall going up the stairs - I think the look great :)

During the nicer days in the summer I took some pictures of our garden so I was showing Ma after I'd edited them and she decided she wanted to frame some of them to display in the hall - I think it's a genius idea; bringing the outside and allowing us to enjoy our garden even in the winter :) I can't wait to get some more frames and print a few more shots of more areas in the garden so we can get a little gallery wall going :) Do you think this is a good idea?

I stopped off at Hobby Craft to buy some supplies for a few crafts that I plan on doing before I go back to uni :) 
Side note: I had planned on doing quite a few crafts this summer but somehow I have procrastinated all my summer away so it's gonna be a mad rush of crafting in this last month before uni in order to meet my summer goal of getting crafty haha! Better late than never, right?

Finally I asked my Nam to cut my hair for me (I really don't see the point of going to the hairdressers and spending X amount of money for them to just cut my hair so it's the same length all the way around - just me who thinks hairdressers is crazy expensive?). Anyways I only wanted like a 1/2 inch off but Nam made the executive decision that it needed more like 2 inches off - to be honest I was kinda miffed when I first saw it but I have to say it is growing (no pun intended :P) on me now - I'm thinking it might me nice to have a fresh start with shorter hair - sort of liberating maybe? Plus even if I decide I really don't like it - it's only hair, it will grown back (well that's what I'm consoling myself with anyway :P) Anyone else get massive regret after having their hair cut?

What's been the highlight of your week?
aHm xoxo

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Jack Wills - Autumn Term...

Hey everyone

Jack Wills recently released their Autumn Term (how cute that they call them terms? Very in keeping with their brand being 'university outfitters' - I'm impressed) collection and it's safe to say that I love everything so I thought I'd share my absolute favourites with you - trust me it was difficult to narrow it down and not to just link you to the whole site :P
[1] [2] [3]

How fall-y are these bedding things?! I love the colours of the duvet cover and pillow - not that most people coordinate their bedding to the season but heyho I can dream, right?! 

And that blanket - I can already see myself spending a rainy afternoon curled up in this with a good book and a cup of tea - perfection!

[1] [2]
This autumn/winter I am determined to start wearing and adding more button downs to my wardrobe instead of just living it long-sleeved t-shirts or hoodies! What I love about these shirts is that they are quite a relaxed fit so they look really quite comfy. Plus how easy are they to thrown on with a pair of jeans and then boom - a put together look which required minimum effort - perfect for those 9am lectures :P

[1] [2] [3]
Now I'm using the term 'trousers' very loosely to describe these next picks - they are really just comfy trouser-like items :P

I love love love the colour of these sweatpants - so bright and cheerful for when your not feeling quite so bright and cheerful yourself :)

I love the waistband on these leggings! I hope that these would be really good quality and worth the investment - I'm guilty of just buying cheap leggings and then wearing them out and just buying more - I think I need to buy a good pair that will last me! Help me out -  where's you fave place to buy leggings?

These lounge pants are just so perfect for autumn - I adore the paid and the autumn colours and just everything - want.

[1] [2]
This wine colour seems like it is going to be a pretty big colour this season - I'm seeing it everywhere! Initially I wasn't a big fan (I thought it was just a bleh dark red colour - oops) but I have to say it's definitely growing on me! A hoodie and a sweatshirt - two necessities for those chillier autumn days, right?

I love the bright neon pink-ness of this cardigan! It'd be great to add some colour to a plain outfit (I'm thinking a white tee and some dark wash jeans). I have a grey boyfriend cardigan from JW that is about two years old now but it is still in great condition (good job considering it's price!) and I love wearing it when it gets colder :)

Side note: despite JW being pricey I really do feel like it's great quality that will last and remain wearable in your wardrobe - I'm remaining a fan (and ignoring all the hype surrounding this company just because One Direction wear it - I really hope they don't just whack their brand name all over their clothes just because directioners may want that sort of thing *fingers crossed* and continue making these more classic preppy pieces) :)

I became a massive onesie fan last year and have even bought a couple this summer (don't judge me) in preparation for winter (I didn't want to wait and them all to be sold out!) but this one is seriously awesome in my opinion - pink and navy? Yes! Stripes? Heck yes! Love it! Are you fans of onesies for when it's super cold at night?

Are you a fan of JW? Do you like anything in their new collection?
aHm xoxo

P.S I love watching the short films they make to go with their new collections - seriously check them out if you haven't seen them! I want to live in the JW films - they look like the perfect life!

Top Five Tuesday: Most Worn Items....

Hey everyone

I'm linking up Rachel from Just Peachy today - sharing my most worn items :)

1) Denim Shirt - I had been on the look-out for the perfect shirt, I eventually found this one (in a sale - woop!) and I've literally worn it with everything! Leggings, coloured jeans, white jeans, dresses...the possibilities are endless - a definite staple in my wardrobe. 

2) Coloured Jeans - When I eventually jumped on the coloured denim trend I never looked back -  I love how easy they make colour blocking, how easy it is to bring a pop-of-colour to an outfit and basically how simple they make getting reading - these a plain top (either neutral or coloured) and there you go! 

3) The Day-Night Shirt - By this I mean my shirts that I can transition easily - I found these loose sheer pocketed ones at Primark (for only £10 - a steal IMO!). I wear these all the time - basically whenever I don't really know what to wear but still want to be comfy - they are easily dressed up or down - I just love them!

As you can see I have a selection of these shirts in various colours :P

4) Scarves - I swear my love for scarves is genetic - Ma and I both have ever-expanding collections of scarves! I always throw on a scarf to jazz up a boring outfit. These are my favourite ones of the moment :) 

5) Striped Shirts - A preppy staple I have definitely taken on! This is the latest addition to my stripey collection. These, boyfriend jeans and seasonal footwear are definitely one of my go-to outfits :) 

Yes, I know it's Top Five Tuesday but I had to include a 6) Norts - I discovered these this summer from all the preppy blogs I follow and can honestly say I wore them at least three times a week every week! They are just so comfy! I can definitely see myself carrying on wearing these in the autumn/winter by changing into them when I get home from uni - perfect to study in :)

What are your wardrobe staples? Are any of yours the same as mine?
aHm xoxo

Monday, 27 August 2012


Hey everyone

I thought I'd try to jump on the OOTD wagon that's circulating so here's me sharing some of my recent OOTDs, hope you enjoy :)

Shirt: colour blocking in pastel yellow, white and navy {primark}
Bottoms: pastel yellow jeans {peacocks}
Shoes: white plimsolls/pumps things {primark} 
Accessories: lavender wristlet {osprey via TK Maxx}

Shirt: white shirt with lace detailing and dipped hem {next}
Bottoms: pastel pink jeans {peacocks}
Shoes: gold ballet flats {lacoste} 
Accessories: key and crystal necklace {tiffany & co. and swarovski respectively}

Shirt: navy tank with ruffles {matalan}
Bottoms: pastel pink jeans {peacocks}
Shoes: pastel flowered sandles {papillo/birkenstock via selfridges} 
Accessories: key and crystal necklace {tiffany & co. and swarovski respectively} and Speedy 30 {louis vuitton}

Shirt: white strappy tank and light wash denim shirt {primark and monsoon respectively}
Bottoms: black leggings {unkown}
Shoes: white sneakers {burtons} 
Accessories: key and crystal necklace {tiffany & co. and swarovski respectively} & rose gold watch {river island}

Shirt: white and green striped sleeveless shirt {Tommy Hilfiger via TK Maxx}
Bottoms: pastel pink jeans {peacocks}
Shoes: pastel flowered sandals {papillo/birkenstock via selfridges} 
Accessories: key and crystal necklace {tiffany & co. and swarovski respectively} & Speedy 30 {louis vuitton}

Apparently I am loving my pink jeans haha! This is a great idea for figuring out what you wear most in your wardrobe - I highly recommend it! It's definitely going to make me rethink wearing my pink jeans if I start reaching for them too many times! 

Do you take OOTD pictures?
aHm xoxo

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Notepad Obsessed...

Hey everyone

I'm sure I've already mentioned how obsessed I am with all things stationery related (hoping I'm not the only one, haha!) so inevitably when I popped into TK Maxx yesterday I spent most of my time in the notebook/notepad section (along with the hat section but that story is for another post :P) and I ended up leaving with 3 super-cute new notepads (overkill I know but I just couldn't resist!) so I thought I would share them with you all :)

Can you believe I got all three for just £7?!
Side note: I am on a 'spending ban' until I start back to uni (a whole month from now *sob*) but it doesn't count if I paid for these using the change in my purse, right? Well that's what I'm telling myself anyway :P

this first one I saw is mousepad/calender/to-do list/shopping list contraption - I love how many lists and info it has all in one place, plus the pretty coral colour doesn't hurt either! I think it's going to be perfect for sitting on my desk to help keep me more organised - and to stop be relying solely on my iTouch reminder/iCal #goingoldschool :) And the best part? It was only £2 #win 

I then spotted a selection of these cute notepads for lists - I have been looking for something like this to plan out my blog posts for the week on so this is perfect! I love the bright colours too :) It's also separately a magnetic clipboard too - so it really has two uses - bonus! This one was only £3 - such a good deal for something so cute!

Now this last purchase was the only one I feel ever so slightly guilty about - I already have approx. a million sticky notes already (I just find them so useful, I can never resist cute ones when I see them!)!  But my reasoning for getting these was the adorable sayings on them - the teal one says 'you look skinny' and the pink one says 'you're a natural beauty' - who wouldn't want to be told these on a daily basis! They're like a little self-confidence boost every time you look at them! Plus they were only £2 - I just couldn't leave them on the shelf!

I loved starting to fill this in for September - I know I'm a little early but I just couldn't wait!

I may or may not have used up one sheet of this notepad trying out which pen/pencil to use to write on it depending on which looked better IMO #OCD 
Side note: I chose to use a mechanical pencil because I could then change things without needing to scribble things out if necessary

This notepad is absolutely perfect for what I wanted to use it for! All my posts for next week all planned out - perfect!

Are you as notepad/notebook obsessed as I am? What do you use to keep yourself organised - handwritten lists or electronic reminders? Let me know in the comments :)
aHm xoxo

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