Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter!...

Hey everyone

Hope you all have a lovely long weekend! 

P.S. how cute are the {newest} Lilly prints?! - I adore them all!

aHm xoxo

Friday, 29 March 2013

Happies & Crappies...

Hey everyone

Today I'm once again linking up with {the vintage modern wife} & {scissors and a whisk} again to take stock of this week in the form of my...


I have officially finished uni for Easter - I am so looking forward to this long weekend!

I'm spending tonight have a GNI with K in the form of a take-away and Disney movie night! #soexcited

I'm haven't been ill all week! #yay

The uni besties got elected on to the KUBE Radio committee - so proud of them!

I loved watching a documentary about the Mayor of London this week - gotta love a bit of Boris!

I just discovered Jack and Finn from {JacksGap} - where have these boys been all my life? They are just too cute!

I found some really really cute clothes for placement - it feels so strange having to dress up like a grown-up! 

One of my lecturers asked if I wanted to give a lecture to the 2nd years next year because the questions I answered about that lecture were some of the best he's ever read! 


I had the craziest nosebleed the other day - I literally looked like I was a vampire that had just been noshing on a quick snack!

I re-broke my toe (it hadn't even healed yet!) by walking in to my chair leg - I don't know what's wrong with me!

The weather is still not spring-y. Not happy.

I start placement on Monday - this should be a happy but I am so nervous that it's making it a crappy :(

I was really looking forward to watching the new TV show 'Plebs' (it's a roman comedy thing - think horrible histories crossed with the inbetweeners for adults) but I was so disappointed  - it just wasn't as funny as I thought it was going to be!

Things with the bf are a tad rocky at the mo - happy thoughts sent our way would be much appreciated!

This week has had waay more happies than crappies - yay!
Happies>Crappies count: 2 weeks :)

aHm xoxo

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Las Vegas OOTN...

Hey everyone

So my extended family has a tradition of throwing a fancy dress party for every birthday any of them have - they've been pretty creative over the years, there was a 'J' party, a heros and villains one, a luau, etc. etc.

Saturday nights theme is 'Las Vegas' - I think the theme is implying feather boas, sparkly dresses  - all very casino-esque - where as I'm going to interpret it as 'merica themed - mainly so I can have an excuse to wear my beautiful heels for the first time! 

I decided to let my American flag shoes of awesomeness be the focal point of the outfit so I paired them with a simple black skater dress and a vintage Chanel along with this crazy mahussive American flag scarf as a shawl type thing :)

What would you wear to a Vegas themed party?

aHm xoxo

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

MWIP 13/52...

Hey everyone

So this week I...

...had some lovely sleepy cuddles with this little one

...had my fave lunch - a bagel with pastrami, cucumber and mustard mayo

...played fetch with Princess whilst I was writing my lab report in my hall a package in the mail containing...

...this beautiful Mulberry-Alexa-esque bag from ebay and...

...this incredibly awesome Celine-esque bag - I adore this bright blue colour.
side note: I was desperate for the Celine that I saw in {this post} from Rosie but there was now way that I could afford one so when I found this was a pretty good 'inspired' one from ebayI just had to get it too :)

...I posted {this post} on {my tumblr} and it got the most notes any of my posts have ever received - too bad it was an original pic :( 
(don't worry I did give credit to the {awesome shop} that it was from!)

...found a very cute puppy have some sleep cuddles with babbit

...had waay too many tabs open on minitab whilst doing my stats report
#crazy worried about the ability of GPs when I read this whilst revising for my Pro Relations final to wear my fave snuggly hat again (and discovered that my hair was indeed long enough to plait again now - yay!) when I woke up to...

...this silly snow yet again - it's spring now weather if you hadn't noticed!!

...made brownies when my lectures were cancelled on Friday

...found it hilarious that Ma bought these teeny tiny bananas - aren't they cute? 

...had a lovely date night with this one and enjoyed...

...a delicious 'flirtini' cocktail - even though the name was a little cringey :P and...

...a yummy caprese :)

...shared in K's first experience of an oatcake - I forget that this is a local thing and people wont have tried them!

...straightened my hair. I don't know why I do this! You would have thought that after {this post} I would have remembered to never straighten my hair again because I just don't like it. Having said that - I do love how long my hair has gotten!

What was the highlight of your week?

aHm xoxo

Friday, 22 March 2013

Happies & Crappies...

Hey everyone

Today I'm once again linking up with {the vintage modern wife} & {scissors and a whisk} again to take stock of this week in the form of my...


I went to an Olly Murs concert on Thursday night with my bestie - it was my Christmas present from her - and what an awesome one it was too!

I have just one assignment left before Easter - I literally cannot wait until Tuesday is over and I can chill for a whole 6 days - what a luxury!

I had a lovely date night with the bf on Monday :)

Keele won varsity on Wednesday! Woop! #keelearmy


Still ill. Oh the joys.

It's snowing again. I mean, come on it's March! I'm craving spring so badly - I just cannot wait for the weather to warm up and get it together!

I had my last lab with my bestie K on thursday - I cannot believe two years has gone so fast!

This week has had a lot more happies than crappies - yay!

aHm xoxo

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

MWIP 12/52...

Hey everyone

This weeks MWIP is a bit of a short and sweet one - to be honest I've been way too crazy busy with uni work to be having fun :P 
#onlyjoking #butseriously

So this week I...

...made a cheeky purchase from the Barbour shop I... 

...bought the Summer Liddesdale Jacket in white for the lovely British (read: rainy) summer I'm sure we will have :P

...enjoyed this yummy ice cream after a hard day of placement induction - 5 hours of conflict resolution training drove me to it :P

...was given a rose by the bf but it sadly turned into a toy for Princess

...had a celebratory mini Lindt bunny on my first day of my placement induction - I can't believe it has come around so fast! 

...broke out the new sunnies on the one spring-like day we had this week when I took Princess for a walk

...bought this Disney DVD and also 'the princess and the frog' one because these are my two faves :)

What did you do this week?

aHm xoxo

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Placement Outfits....

Hey everyone

I'm starting my placement in a couple of weeks time (side note: I cannot believe how fast this has come around! It feels like only yesterday and not last year that I went for my interview!) so I've started to think out what outfits I want to wear to work.

Seeing as my placement is in a lab in a hospital my attire needs to be quite smart but not overly (so no suits) seeing as I will be wearing a lab coat for most of my day anyway. Plus I don't want to wear anything too constricting or warm under my lab coat because that's just going to be annoying. 

Basically, I'm going to wear a shirt/blouse, black trousers and black shoes as my work outfit - classic. But I want to make things a little more modern and just more 'me' by making my shirts a bit more fun...

...I've been trawling the internet for inspiration and thought I'd share my faves with you - 

Top: {1} {2} {3} {4}
Middle:{1} {2} {3} {4}
Bottom:{1} {2} {3} {4}

I do love the lime green one (top left) but I'm just unsure as to how appropriate it will be for work.
The pink (top right) and green (bottom left) are definitely going to be purchased - so cute! 
As will the blue shirt with white piping (second from the left second row) - I love how classic this looks!
I like the coral polka dot one (bottom right) apart from the bow - I'm not  fan of that part.
I think the violet one looks super comfy  (second from the right bottom row)- perfect for those inevitable wishful lazy days!
And ruffles (farthest right middle row) - ah ruffles - how can you go wrong with ruffles?!

What do you think? Appropriate for a hospital lab? Let me know your thoughts - I'd love some input from you seeing as this is my first 'proper' job in an actual workplace!

aHm xoxo

Monday, 18 March 2013

Adios Google Reader...

Hey everyone

So by now I presume you have all heard the news re. Google Reader - sad times indeed. 

Instead of using Google Reader (and preempting the loss of GFC) to follow my blog - why not head over and {follow me} on {Bloglovin'} ??
#noreasonnotto :P

Mind you - I made the transfer to Bloglovin' {last September} and have honestly never looked back!

I love how easy it is to use and navigate; how all you unread posts are handily at the top ready for you to pick up; how simples it is to add new blogs - it's just perfect.

Plus, having a fab app certainly helps - it's the best app I've found for reading blogs on the go - If I find myself being (at least) a few minutes early for class you can bet I'm catching up on reading your blogs! 

Plus now that Google Reader has sadly bid adieu (adieu to yieu and yieu and yieu - Bel points to anyone who got that reference!) Bloglovin's handy dandy {import feature} is perfect - no panic over having to spend ages manually adding all the blogs you follow (enough to make me have to sit in a darkened room - it'd be such a daunting task!) just click the {import thingy} once you've made a Bloglovin' account and a couple of simple clicks later there you are - painless transfer from the soon-to-be obsolete Google Reader (and possibly GFC) to the amazingly-awesome Bloglovin' - all done and dusted before July 1st!

Whilst you're importing all of your current blog reads over to Bloglovin' why not at {this one} while you're at it?
#cheekyplug :P

aHm xoxo

Friday, 15 March 2013

Happies & Crappies...

Hey everyone

Today I'm once again linking up with {the vintage modern wife} & {scissors and a whisk} again to take stock of this week in the form of my...


I finally got told what project I've been allocated next year and although it wasn't my first choice it is with my fave lecturer (who also happens to be my placement leader and therefore my mentor for my other project next year - so I'll be spending a lot of time with him!)

I'm slowly but surely tackling my assignment list so I only have 5 left to complete before Easter (in just two weeks - no pressure!)

I've started doing some ballet work outs and have actually been enjoying them!


I'm ill. Again. Not happy about this. At all.  

I seriously off kilter at the moment - I'm usually so in control of things but recently I just feel like I've been chasing me tail! I'm just so busy with assignments and my placement work that I just feel like I'm stretching myself too thin and just need a break. Too bad I won't be having one 'til August. Le sigh. 

It's basically winter again. We had one nice spring-y sunny day and then it went back to being (literally) freezing and raining/sleeting all day everyday again. I could really do with a break in a warm sunny beach resort right about now.

This week has been pretty mehhy - not many happies to be had but then again not an awful lot of crappies either. Equal happies and crappies - ah well, we shall see what next week brings.

aHm xoxo

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

MWIP 11/52...

Hey everyone

This week I...

...enjoyed breakfast with the bf

...couldn't believe that my goddaughter turned 2! I couldn't resit buying this gift bag - it was just too 'bel'!

...watched Princess enjoy adventuring in the garden in the spring sunshine - albeit it was short lived before the wintery weather returned but heyho!

...resolved that I needed to get back into reading so I bought some new books {MDLband}'s 'When I'm With You' stuck in my head after seeing this on tumblr

...had a very naughty puppy who decided it would be a good idea to dig some bulbs out of Nams garden

...found my new fave snack of yoghurt, fruit and choccie buttons 

...Revised. In the library. A lot. 

...had fun changing my background and lock screen to mark a new month and prettified my iPod with some cute icons

...painted my nails with Barry M's Gellys in 'Green Berry' & 'Dragonfruit'

...played with this little monster

...felt all countrified with my joule bean-esque boots and barbour when we...

...took Princess for her first walk in the country...

...went to my {fave froyo bar} with Ma & Princess 'papped' by G 

What did you do this week?

aHm xoxo 

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