Tuesday, 19 November 2013

A Letter To You...

Hey you

So, first off I want to say - Happy 21st Birthday!! I can't believe you're 21- it feels like when we met when you were 16 was like two seconds a go!

I just want to say how proud I am of you - you've come so far in these last five years - I'm so proud of you getting your new job - working in a 4* hotel at your age is crazy awesome!

Remember when we were together and you used to get annoyed that I wouldn't go all PDA on facebook or whatever so consider this one massive public display of affection - a whole blog post dedicated to you - me putting myself out there publicly on the internet declaring that I'm still in love with you - so, here's what I miss and love about you...

-those good morning texts you used to send me-when we first started going out and we used to spend hours on the phone every night-when I was ill you brought me flowers to cheer me up-movie nights with you-your obsession with Special Kay-our love for Benidorm-your obsession with jackets-your lion onesie-your navy hoodie that I 'borrowed' from you way back when-the Stitch toys that you've bought me-sitting in your car listening to your music (even though you didn't think I liked your music, but I did, I liked it because you liked it)-going to see childrens movies at the cinema with you-the way you'd compliment my outfit even I was chilling in a onesie and looked terrible-when you'd cook for me-how you put up with my Starbucks addiction-waking up next to you-snuggling on your chest-stealing the covers from you and you not complaining-your patience with me-the way you can always make me laugh-that thing you do with the string and sticking your tongue out-Nandos-the little presents you would surprise me with-introducing me to Subway-our holidays together-F&Bs breakfasts with you-our bucket list of dates (that we never really completed but we tried!)-facetiming-watching cartoons with you-playing board games with you (even though I complained - I loved it really!)-the fact that I could count on you to help me through difficult times-how much you've influenced me in everything I do-how you put my studying before our relationship-playing badminton-feeling so comfortable with you-that cute face you do to persuade me-your cuddles and snuggles-how you're the perfect height for me to lean on your chest-how attractive you are-our picnic-how much we went through together-our silly little teasings-the way you would just turn up at my house unannounced-the way you would put up with me taking forever to get ready in a morning but always tell me that I looked nice at the end of it-spending Christmas with you-me catching you out when you were playing on the xbox whilst we were talking on the phone-how you still loved me when I got annoyed with you-our Monday mornings together-how you read this blog-the fact that you get my sarcasm now-the millions of cute names you called me-the fact that you cant help but smile when you're lying to me-the way that you were always ready to talk about the future of us-the way that you love the things I hate myself-when you let me play that annoying game with your mustache-our play fights-when you stroke my hair-the way you've made me feel better about myself-the way you kiss my forehead-how you are obsessed with any sport, especially football and darts-your sleepy voice-when you automatically carry my shopping bags for me-when you listen to me ramble on about my degree even though you hate science-when we went bowling that one time-when you tried to get me to ballroom dance in the Tower ballroom with all the professionals-how you try to not swear in front of me-how you tried to keep your smoking a secret because you knew I would be upset by it-how we planned our future together-how there are so many more things that I could add to this list...

So consider this my final last ditch attempt at trying to win you back and if it doesn't work (well I've just embarrassed myself on my blog - yay!) and you don't want to be in my life anymore then it's me still wishing we could be friends at least  - but it's me accepting your wishes and letting you move on if that's what you want.

Love you - forever yours

B xx


  1. You are awesome and I so admire your bravery! A friend from the U.S.A. :)

  2. Aww this is so cute :)


  3. Belle, I admire you for being so brave and putting yourself out there like this. You are so strong and he's a fool. I'm always here for you

    Love you lots,

    Proud of you



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