Monday, 2 December 2013

Preppy Email Stationery...

Hey everyone

Now, I love stationery but honestly can't justify buying some really super cute personalised stationery simply because I can't see myself using it - enter my thought of...

"how about I get some personalised email stationery?!"

So armed with this idea I was clicking away on {pinterest} the other day (I may or may not have been procrastinating studying - oops!) trying to get inspiration on how to make my emails somewhat prettier and ideally preppier. 

With that in mind I went merrily clicking my way around {pinterest} in search of ideas of how to make my emails look a little bit more personal - in the end my pinterest finds all seemed to require a whole lot more of technical knowledge (and expensive software!) than I had at my disposal so I turned to google (ahh google, where would we be without it?!) and stumbled across and awesome company/site - 

{Meeble Mail} is an amazing company - essentially they have all of these super cute email stationery - cute patterns, fun colours, personalise-able and best of all - monogram-able!

The whole process of putting your email stationery into use is ridiculously simple - trust me when I say that even I can do it and I'm near-enough technologically illiterate compared to most people my age (and sadly younger!) - oh yes, and there's an added bonus of the whole thing being completely free! Yep, super cute personalised email stationery for zero pennies (or cents if your that way inclined!). 
well, some of the prints have a cost to them but there's a shed load that don't! - win!

I have to say that the most difficult part of the whole process was choosing what pattern and how I wanted to personalise my emails! I knew I wanted a monogram but I couldn't decide if I wanted my contact information in the footer, in the end I decided that when I'm in a job I will add in my contact details (inc. my job title) but for now I thought it was a bit unnecessary - but how fun would it be to use this fun email stationery for business purposes?!

So, all you do is browse which pattern you want, go ahead and spend ages customising it 'til you're satisfied then add it to your cart (you just do this but you don't pay I promise!), create an account, checkout/purchase and then just follow the on screen instructions for how to add it to your email (it's honestly just a few clicks - I decided to bookmark the link it gave me so then it's easy access). 

The only annoying thing that I've found is that you have to re-apply the email stationery every time you send an email which could get annoying if you send a lot of emails but then again it's only a couple more clicks to add to your email sending process - which I could totally deal with for emails that look this cute!

When choosing my email stationery I headed straight for the {preppy} tag and, eventually (after much deliberation) went for the {grosgrain ribbon - pink and green} option and settled on adding a hot pink monogram. 

I absolutely love how cute my emails look now (it's only a little thing but it makes me so happy!) and how easy (and cheap - #hellofreebies!) the process was!

I'd definitely encourage y'all to check out {Meeble Mail} if you want to get yourself some super cute personalised email stationery - lemme know in the comments if you do!

aHm xoxo

NB: this post was in no way sponsored nor was I compensated for writing this post - I doubt that Meeble Mail have even seen this post! 


  1. Ah this is such a good idea! I never would have thought to do something like that but it makes your emails look so personal and would be recognised straight away! xx

  2. This is adorable! I would love to get an email with such stationary!!


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