Monday, 6 January 2014

First Class Degree Challenge...

Hey everyone

One of my {2014 Resolutions} is to get a 2.1 classed degree - now when I was writing my resolutions it absolutely pained me to have to write 2.1 and settle with getting a second class degree - albeit a higher second class but still definitely not a first class. 

Don't get me wrong I know that a 2.1 is still a great degree to have and I'm not knocking it, it's just that I suffer from {Amy}'s {Spence Hasting's Attitude To Grades} and I've had my heart set on a first class degree right from the very start of first year.

 I was settling with a 2.1 was because I thought that the only way to get a first would be to get an average of about 70% in all of my second and third year modules and that would be nigh on impossible for me to do because of two pesky modules in second year that were bringing my average down (I knew that I always hated statistics!). 

However, I was researching if there were any ways around this (i.e. how to get a first without a >70% average) on my uni's website and found there was - oh happy days!

Basically, there now is a way to get round this and still come out of my degree with a first depending on both my average and the number of modules that I pass with firsts. 

So getting a first class degree is still doable - thank goodness because  it absolutely broke my heart when I thought that that was no longer on the cards!

So seeing as I only have one taught semester, one exam semester and last semesters exams standing between me and graduation I figured that it was better late than never to jump on the {first class challenge} bandwagon (thanks {Rebecca} and {Amy} for motivating me to do so!)!

Essentially I'm planning on working my derriere off to get myself that first class degree by the time I graduate (yep I know that it's just a mere few months away - please don't remind me :P) so, here's how I'm going to do it...

  • I'm going to take a leaf out of {Amy}'s book (honestly check out her {study tips} (and her whole blog really!) - she will motivate you to get yourself into gear!) and try to motivate myself to study my best whilst trying my hardest to work 9-5 a la {Rebecca} (or at least but 6 hours of actual work in) every day - I just don't have the time to waste any more!
  • My first priority is getting ready for my two exams later on this month (what a relief only having two exams, I usually have 5!) I need to make sure that I've written notes on all of the material, found research articles (and memorised their references) to back up the material and make sure that I'm sully equipped to sit those exams confidently.
  • In terms of my second dissertation project (lucky me gets to do two dissertations!) I need to remember what I learnt from my previous project and not procrastinate - I need to allocate myself time to get each section of my report absolutely perfect because one whole module is accounted for by this project - meaning that it could potentially be an easy first (because of it all  being based on this 'coursework' and the allowance for feedback on it) and one more step along the way to my first class degree!
  • Next semester I need to be a whole lot more pro-active with my studying, last semester I was a bit out of sorts and just left things to the last minute (something that I've never ever done before!) and it made me far more stressed that I could handle - this semester I'm planning on keeping on top of writing up my notes and reading research papers as I go along rather than leaving them to the end.
So there we have it - this post is me declaring war on the path to a first class degree and outlining my battle strategy to become victorious- wish me luck!

aHm xoxo


  1. Thank you so much Belle!! Good luck with your last term of university - you'll smash it!! Xx

  2. Love this post! You've inspired me to work harder! I really like the idea of seeing it as working 9-5, I tend to get into the habit of seeing uni as the few lectures and seminars I have this term. Good luck! RosieLM Blog xx


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