Monday, 3 February 2014

Spending Ban...

Hey everyone

The time has officially come.

My shopping habits have gotten out of hand. 

It's time for an intervention.

Therefore, as from today (well I officially started on Saturday but never mind!) I am imposing a shopping ban on myself, for one whole month.

Now let's address the thing about my deciding to do this during February and February being the shortest month - I wanted to go easy on myself, break myself into the reducing my shopping habit gently so only 28 days as opposed to 31 (like January would have been) just seemed like a much more feasible goal!

So, because this is the first spending ban I've ever imposed upon myself, I thought I'd best set myself some ground rules:
  • Buying presents and cards for people is allowed (I've got four birthdays and Valentines in February so they have to be!)
  • Beauty items have to be replacing something that I absolutely can't live without and don't have anything similar to use up (like dry shampoo but not like my favourite foundation - I've got loads of foundations to use up!)
  • Food purchasing is limited to once a week (be it lunch at uni or McDonald's for breakfast or a takeaway for tea with the bf, lunch with a friend - all are included!)
  • Internet shopping still counts as shopping, even if I don't pay for it in the month of February!, so that's is a no go
  • Buying food for Little Prin and my ponies is allowed
  • Filling my car up with petrol/any car related necessities is fine
  • No more topping up my Starbucks card - I can only use what's on there already!
Well, it seems like this month isn't going to be a barrel of laughs!
It's going to be tough but I really need to go through with this spending ban to help get my finances back in check!

Wish me luck! 

Have you ever imposed a spending ban on yourself before? 
How did you find it?

aHm xoxo

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  1. I need a spending ban to be honest! We should go on a strike together! :D


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