Friday, 18 April 2014


Hey everyone

So today I've got something very exciting to share with y'all!

A couple of months ago I was super lucky to receive an ARC for {Alley Saltz}'s debut novel - Reed*.

buy the US version {here} & the UK version {here}

It's basically a crime novel (if you've read any of my book reviews before y'all will know how much I love a good crime novel!) with a sprinkling of romance and plenty of drama.

Now, because I'm coming to the end of my final year of my undergrad degree I've been snowed under with studying and haven't been able to sit down and devour my copy (which really annoyed me because it was sitting on my kindle tantalising me, but hey - my degree has to come first!) but I did finally manage to get down to reading it last week - oh my goodness, I was hooked - I initially was going to just read a chapter before bed each day but seriously I got so sucked in and engaged with the story that I ended up staying up way too late and reading way more chapters that I'd intended :P

Testimony for a good book though, no?

What I love most about this book, I think (it's hard to pinpoint one most favourite thing! I also really enjoyed the way Reed's back story was presented - it was explained succinctly enough to not distract from the main plot but with enough detail to understand what makes Reed, Reed) is Reed (the protagonist) - I love her! She's such a strong female character (which I always love) and her sarcasm is just on point - I love being able to pick up on sarcasm in a novel without every other adverb being 'sarcastically' :P

So, I'm still reading Reed but I'm loving it - I'd highly recommend picking up this book if you're looking for a new book to pick up or if you love the crime genre (like I do!).

It's a really compelling read - if you ask me, it is best read curled up in front of a window with a mug of hot tea, snuggled up under a blanket with a candle burning and it raining outside - that way you can just let yourself escape into Reed's world (trust me, it wont take you long to fly through this book if you do that!

Today is officially the release date for Reed and you can purchase Reed from Amazon in the US {here} or the UK {here} - it's a kindle edition too which makes it all to easy to read it on the go - true story: I was reading it on my kindle when I was waiting for an appointment and literally had to be called three times because I was so engrossed in the novel!

So, thank you very much {Alley Saltz} for firstly being an amazing author and writing this awesome novel and secondly, for allowing me this advanced reader copy to sink my teeth into!

aHm xoxo

*in case you hadn't gathered already - the author kindly sent me an ARC of 'Reed' to review and let y'all know about :)

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