Sunday, 18 January 2015

Is there anybody out there?

I think that it's high time that I broke the silence that has been going on here for the last three months.

I can't believe that the last time I posted on here was last September - that's awful! 

I mean I've been blogging pretty consistently for the past three years that I created 'The Life & Times of Belle' and 2014 was the first year that I felt comfortable enough and happy with blog to start actively promoting it.  For the first half of 2014 I was absolutely loving blogging - scheduling multiple posts a week a month in advance, promoting all over social media, doing stuff 'for the blog'. 

It's only towards the latter half of the year that my content started drifting off. I let myself get a bit caught up in the whole keeping up with the Jones' side of blogging - I was comparing my post ideas, my design, my follower count, my 'blogging friends' with everyone else which completely took the fun out of blogging for me. I felt a pressure to try to push myself to make 'The Life & Times of Belle' the best that it could be which left me feeling really disheartened with the lack of results I was seeing for all of the effort I was putting in (like every other small-scale blogger has felt at some point I'm sure!). 

And then came summer 2014 and the biggest change in my life so far - I graduated from university and landed my first full-time job that happened to be my absolute dream job. I ended up starting my grown-up job before I had even graduated and boy, it was a bit of a culture shock! Suddenly my lack of free time during the stressful dissertation-filled third year of uni seemed like a holiday compared to the amount of free time I had once I started work. I'd came home from work during those first six months absolutely drained from the fast-track training I was on to build up my experience of working in a lab as a biomedical scientist. On weekday nights I was good for nothing because I was so tired so my weekends were jam-packed with catching up with my family, boyfriend and friends and to be honest I just let my blogging fall way down my list of priorities because I felt it was an unnecessary pressure that I was putting on myself along with everything else that I had going on.

But what I forgot during this time is the whole reason that I started writing on 'The Life & Times of Belle' in the first place - as a hobby. Something that I could use to relax and escape from the stresses of my IRL life. I never started blogging to try and end up with it providing me with an income or to gain X amount of followers. I started blogging to fill the creative void in my science-filled life. And I just lost sight of that for a little while last year.

So here we are: three months of blog silence and six months of working as a full time biomedical scientist later I think that I've adjusted to my new schedule and finally realised how to take the pressure off myself and get back incorporating blogging into my life as an enjoyable hobby and not a pressurised, number-crunching chore. 

Right, now what can you expect from 'The Life & Times of Belle' in the coming months? Well, for a start we've had a little make-over and now I'm finally really happy with the design - it's clean and fresh and ready to take on 2015. In terms of posting, I'm taking a more relaxed approach to blogging - I'm not setting myself a schedule to post certain things on certain days like I tried to before - I just want to take the time to produce one post a week that I'm really happy with and proud of. As for content - 'The Life & Times of Belle' is going to continue to be an eclectic mix of lifestyle, beauty, fashion, books and whatever else takes my fancy!

Phew, it has taken me a few weeks to finally get this post written - I wasn't really sure how to get back into blogging again after taking such a long impromptu break and quite frankly I was nervous about posting again - all I could think of was "who's going to care if your posting again? I doubt anyone noticed that you were gone" - but in my new blogging-pressure free state of mind, who cares if no ones is reading - I'm back to blogging like I was in the beginning, for ME. And I'm enjoying it already! 

So here's to 'The Life & Times of Belle' in 2015!


  1. I'm glad your posting again! It's hard when you don't have time to post! X

  2. I noticed your silence, but I never questioned it. I knew it would be for a good reason and knew that you would return to it in your own time. So glad you have made a come back. Remember, it isn't how many views or followers you get but just remember why you loved doing it in the first place. I'm so glad you're back to it and I am looking forward to keeping up with your musings.

    Much love,
    Fresh And Fearless

  3. I'm so excited to read your blog in 2015! Cheers!
    prathusha // daybreak

  4. I know exactly how you feel! I had all the fun sucked out of blogging when I saw the competitive side and forgot it's something I do for fun! Welcome back!


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